How To Make a 3D Bird

Updated: Mar 26, 2020

This free how to will hopefully make your day! I was gifted this template made by Resident Design and thought I’d get it done lickity-split, but I was in for a surprise and a challenge.

You need:

  • Colored construction paper or card-stock

  • Hot Glue or normal glue if you have time to let it dry each step.

  • A ruler or any straight edge for folding

  • Scissors

*Print this template on your colored paper:

How To:

  1. Cut out each shape along the outer solid lines.

  2. Keep in mind the numbers and lines are the inside of the bird. The end result has no visible printed ink.

  3. Fold towards you (or upwards?) along each dashed line using your straight edge for precise folds.

  4. Repeat with any dotted lines, except also fold just these ones away from you (or downwards?)

  5. Each number you see has a tab and a space that the tab will get glued to. I don’t have a recommendation on where to start but you need to just start somewhere :)

  6. After gluing all the tabs, start gluing the pieces together.

  7. Your 3D bird will eventually emerge!