Mask Makers Unite!

Just 10 days ago, Molly had the novel idea to create a "Mask Station" at the MIA storefront. Here, various makers could drop off finished masks, community members

could leave materials needed for mask-making, and anyone could come and pick up masks for their families and workplaces.

In those 10 days, we (Molly and Amy), along with community members Christina Cox, Barbara Newman, Lindsey Ashworth, Kat Leon, Eva Modesti, Scott Barney, and others, have hand-made and distributed OVER 500 MASKS! And we're not stopping there! Let us know what you still need!

We are so proud of how all of of our Made in Amador Artisans and Friends have put their hearts and souls into meeting this need in the community. It has truly been a labor of LOVE. (It has also helped us to clear out many years' worth of fabric that has been saved for this very purpose--an apocalypse in which crafting supplies are needed!)

THANK YOU for supporting our store during this time, as well! We hope you are enjoying the Honor Storefront with its growing, ever-changing rotation of crafting kits, puzzles, flowers, and gifts for all those folks you're missing right now. We offer local delivery for honor store and online purchases, as well as shipping anywhere in the U.S.

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