Pivot To Win It!

We've had to adjust our lives, our store, our interactions, and everything with the current Covid-19 epidemic. We shut our doors sometime during Spring Break (what day is it today?) and haven't had the enjoyment of public interaction inside our Amador City shop. Having an online store and online classes has always been a goal of ours but just having a store front has kept us plenty busy. Sitting at home and watching our Spring season go by with zero sales was never a thought for Amy and I. Right away, we started compiling ideas about how to maintain our 1 year old business that already had to deal with the PSPS's power cuts of October 2019. This hurdle too will pass. Our online store now features our favorite items including home decor, gifts, flowers, art, gift cards and more which most of is made by local artisans whom are also feeling the pressure of the pandemic.

As of today, we are thrilled with how well our online pressence is being utilized and how sucessful it has been! Thank you to all the support from our community for keeping our fires lit!

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